2016-2017 Minutes of LWVMC Board Meetings 

Annual Meeting


League of Women Voters of Moore County  Annual Meeting

Table on the Green

June 21, 2016

President Kathy Bergquist welcomed members and guests and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Carol Wurster reported on the LWVUS Convention in Washington DC.  Carol was the Moore County League’s voting member to the convention.  Her report is attached.

Karen Kaplan reported on the NCAE meeting and lobby day she attended in Raleigh on June 15.  Mark Jewell, our speaker in May, spoke on Public Schools in Crisis.  Karen is getting an Education Roundtable together whose mission will be to inform and educate voters on issues dealing with education.  Karen announced that Jamie Boles, our representative, would be holding an open meeting to receive voter input on the Commissioners’ request to add wording explaining and restricting the quarter percent sales tax.  This wording would explain that this tax could only be used to fund new school construction for badly needed schools in Moore County.  The issue, which failed to pass in March, would then be placed on the ballot for a re-vote in November.

Tina Ganis and Dot Greenwood reported on the Reproductive Rights Issues Group.  The group has been meeting regularly to discuss and study this issue.  The group has asked Janet Colm, a retired president of Planned Parenthood, to speak to the League in October and bring us up to date on what is happening in North Carolina.   AAUW has shown the movie, Trapped, which deals with the new abortion regulations being passed in a number of states.  The movie is a documentary and has been shown on PBS.  This group has also taken on the passage of the ERA.  The group meets at 10:45 on the fourth Wednesday of the month and new members are welcome.

Lunch was served before the beginning of the Annual Meeting.

President Kathy Bergquist called the Annual Meeting of LWVMC to order following lunch.  Secretary Mary Price declared a quorum present for the meeting.

Kathy Bergquist gave a review of the 2015-2016 League year, which was very successful.  A number of new members joined the League, which was active in conducting forums, holding meetings with educational and inspiring speakers, and producing the most successful Lunch with Legends fundraiser we have ever had.  The League presented its first Annual Civics Scholarship to Christina Guillen-Diaz from North Moore High School.  Three runner-up awards were also presented.  The League also published their three year study on fracking report: The Dilemma of Natural Gas Exploration.

Kathy read the Areas of Emphasis for next year.

  • Public Education
  • Reinstate Civics 101
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Field Trip to NC Legislature
  • Money in Politics
  • Voting Issues

Kathy asked for a motion to accept the Areas of Emphasis.  Carolyn Mealing moved to accept the Areas of Emphasis for next year.  Nancy Latham seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Charlotte Gallagher, Chair of the Nominating Committee, read the report of the Nominating Committee.

President                                       Peggy Crawford             One Year Term

First Vice President                    Mary Price                      One Year Term

Second Vice President                             Carol Wurster                Two Year Term

Secretary                                       Sharon Trail                   Two year Term

Treasurer                                       Doe Ann Litton              Second Year of a Two Year Term


Elected Directors                        Ann Torok                       Membership

Jo Nicholas                     Programs

Carolyn Mealing           Voter Services

Mindy Fineman            Publicity

Charlotte Gallagher     Hospitality

Harriet Ecker                  Fundraising


Nominating Committee           Bonnie Roberson         Chair

Mary Wehking

Ginger Minichello

Two additional members of the Board will be appointed.

Charlotte asked for nominations from the floor.  There were no nominations and nominations were closed.  Dot Greenwood made a motion to accept the slate as presented.  Jo Nicholas seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Treasurer Doe Ann Litton handed out the interim annual financial report, as is required by the By-Laws at the June Annual Meeting, which is attached.

Kathy presented the Proposed Budget: 2016-2017

A recommendation was made to increase the General Meeting luncheon charge to $15.00, which was sent to the Board for discussion at the Annual Retreat in August.

Tina Ganis, who is president of the AAUW, asked us to consider partnering with them on their Laundromat Project which promotes literacy by providing books at three laundromats in the area for children who are there during the summer.  Tina made a motion to add $100.00 to the budget for that project.  Charlotte Gallagher seconded the motion which passed with several abstentions or “no” votes.

The Annual Meeting was adjourned and the podium was turned over to newly elected president, Peggy Crawford.

Peggy expressed her appreciation for all that the League does and her opportunity to serve.  Peggy passed out some very thorough sign-up sheets to the membership with places for everyone to express their interests.  She asked Carolyn Mealing, who is chairing Voter Services to say a few words about opportunities in that area, since this will be a very busy fall with elections scheduled.  Carolyn needs help with Voters Guides and forums as well as people to serve as observers at meetings of the School Board and the Commissioners.

Jo Nicholas, who is in charge of programs, announced that Superintendent of Schools Robert Grimesey will be our speaker to kick off the year in September.  Jo, who is also one of our representatives to the Pauley Board, discussed some of the speakers we will be hearing this year.

Kathy Bergquist is heading up the effort to revive our successful Civics 101 program.  She will need a committee to help her with that program.

Peggy ended by saying once again how successful our scholarship program has been.  She and Kim Auman attended scholarship banquets at the high schools and Peggy believes this will also give us an entry into the schools in the fall to register voters who will be 18 before the election.

The meeting was adjourned.