Non-Partisan Policy

The purpose of the League of Women Voters of Moore County is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government at all levels and to act on selected government issues.

Non-Partisan Policy (Adopted 10/93; revised or endorsed 8/94; 8/97; 8/98; 8/99; 8/02; 8/03; 8/05; 8/15; 12/17)

The credibility of the League rests on its non-partisan position in that it does not support or oppose political parties or candidates. It is political in that it takes positions on selected government issues after study and agreement by members. In order to protect the League’s nonpartisan reputation, it is important that the members and public understand that certain constraints are necessary.

Board Members

The President, Co-Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Voter Services chairperson, or any particularly visible member shall not engage in partisan politics during their terms of office, including sponsoring fund raising for political purposes, hosting political functions, and distributing campaign materials.

In contrast, other board members are encouraged to participate fully in the political process as private citizens but must take care not to imply that their political activities represent the League’s endorsement. Other board members may also participate in party activities, display yard signs and bumper stickers and attend precinct meetings and caucuses as private citizens. They may serve on nonpartisan boards or commissions to which they are appointed but may not run for or hold any elective public office.

Any notice released to the public or to the membership by the LWVMC announcing the resignation of a board member to run for political office shall be carefully worded to avoid the appearance of endorsing the resigning board member.

Political activities of a spouse or relative shall be considered separate and distinct from the board member. However, the board member should refrain from implying endorsement by the League.

When in doubt about the applicability of a restriction, the board member shall consult with the LWVMC Board.

All Members

The League recognizes the role of political parties in government and believes that participation in the activities of parties is an essential part of citizen responsibility.  Members of the LWVMC are encouraged to participate fully in the political process as individuals without implying or receiving League endorsement as outlined below:

  • Members may participate in party activities and attend precinct meetings and caucuses as private citizens.
  • Members shall not wear candidate buttons to League functions. While campaigning for a candidate, a member shall not wear a LWV button or otherwise identify herself/himself with the League.
  • No candidate material other than that prepared by the League shall be distributed at any League function or in the vicinity thereof.
  • The LWVMC must maintain a careful non-partisan stance in its voter services activities. It should avoid co-sponsorship with groups or organizations that endorse or have affiliations with candidates. Candidate Forum moderators shall be neutral.
  • It must be understood by candidates and office holders that the acceptance of gifts to the League from them shall not be construed as an endorsement of the donor(s).

Since the general policy can never cover every situation, the Board is empowered to deal with specific cases as they arise.

This policy shall be reviewed and amended or readopted at the annual Retreat and shall be presented to the membership at the next membership meeting.