The League of Women Voters of Moore County is working together through our League Action Teams (LATs) and Committees to educate members and citizens while advocating for measures to address these concerns. For more information about our LATs and Committees we invite you to read our monthly Newsletter and attend a monthly luncheon meeting.

If there is a topic of interest not listed below, please feel free to email the presidents at and present your idea. The League encourages member participation.

League Action Teams and Committees:

  • Centennial Celebration Committee
  • Civic Leader Scholarship Committee
  • Civics 101 Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Education LAT
  • Environment LAT
  • Equal Rights Amendment LAT
  • Fair Districts NC LAT
  • Health Care LAT
  • Membership Committee
  • Voter Services Committee
  • Women's Reproductive Rights Committee

We invite you to JOIN the LWVMC.