Making Democracy Work

The League of Women Voters of Moore County

Making a difference & creating change

with our work …

  • Protecting voter rights

  • Educating citizens & fostering dialogue on important issues

  • Preserving constitutional rights & civil liberties

  • Advocating for positive change on all levels of government

The League is a non-partisan organization which takes an active role on issues the League believes important. It is open to women and men of all races and creeds.

The League is the direct descendant of the movement which won the right for women to vote with the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920. Locally, the League became official in 1987. We are involved with Candidate Forums for municipal, county and state positions; conduct studies on local issues such as poverty, immigration and the environment; co-sponsor the Ruth Pauley Lecture series and support non-partisan causes important to the quality of life in the Sandhills. First and foremost, the League strives to involve as many citizens as possible in the political process through voter registration and voter education programs.


Membership advantages include monthly luncheon meetings to hear informative speakers and an opportunity to meet and work with a group of involved and interesting women and men.



website updated   November 2018