APRIL 2018 E-BLAST    

 April 17 Luncheon Meeting:

  • Speaker will be Mary Maclean Asbill – Senior Attorney from the Southern Environmental Law Center –  on “The Dismantlement of North Carolina Environmental Protections.”  Thanks to the LWVMC Environmental Action Team, chaired by Pat Pinkerton, for arranging for this special program.
  • Before the 11:30 meeting, everyone is invited to a New Member reception from 11:00 to 11:25 – 38 new members this year!!  Please come!
  • Little River Country Club (newly renovated!!)  – $13 for lunch – make reservations with Charlotte Gallagher charlotteagallagher@gmail.com.   Guests are welcome!!
  • Also at the April 17 luncheon meeting, School Board Vice-Chair Libby Carter will talk briefly about the School Bonds that will be on the May 8th ballot.   The LWVMC Board voted unanimously last week to take a stand to support the YES vote for the School Bonds – and to contribute $250 to the effort.  Kathy Bergquist is our liaison with the 2018 School-College Bond Committee.  This website – https://www.moorecountync.gov/bonds#mcs – provides excellent information about the new buildings the bonds will fund and includes a tool to calculate tax increase based on property value.

2018 Primary Election –  May 8

One‐Stop Absentee Voting (Early Voting)  Thursday, April 19 ‐ Saturday, May 5

Moore County Agricultural Building 707 Pinehurst Ave Carthage, NC  28327

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday:   8:30am ‐ 6:00pm

Monday, Wednesday & Friday:   8:30am ‐ 5:00pm

Saturday, April 28 & May 5:   8:30am ‐ 1:00pm

The LAST day to vote early is Saturday, May 5.

On Election Day you MUST go to your assigned polling place.

Absentee voting by mail: 3/19 – 5/1

Sample ballots are available on the Board of Elections website: https://www.moorecountync.gov/board-of-elections/voting

The League-sponsored www.VOTE411.org officially launched today.  More candidate responses will be posted in the near future, but it’s off to a good start.  Thanks to Carolyn Mealing for coordinating this effort in our county as Voter Services Chair.

Health Care and the Opioid Crisis:  Our own Dr. Tina Ganis is County Coordinator for Moore/Cumberland for LWVNC – Health Care League Action Team.   Current efforts are focused on securing insurance for those who currently do not have/cannot afford it and combating the opioid crisis.  The goal is to gather widespread community support before the short Legislative session in mid-May.  At that time team members will visit our legislators in Raleigh to present local evidence that passing House Bill 662 would have a positive impact.  If you would like to help with this effort, please let Tina know.  chrisganis@mac.com   See attachment of excellent HCLAT Opioid brochure and an article Tina recently wrote for the NC Psychological Assn.

Voter registration:  Students politically energized in the aftermath of tragic school shootings, a push to get out student vote for the school bonds, and 25 League volunteers coordinating with teams of students and faculty in each school for voter registration have yielded record-setting results so far, with 5 times as many students registered at North Moore and Union PInes as during the 2016 election year.  Pinecrest and Sandhills registrations are this week.  The principal at Pinecrest requested that every teacher take 10 minutes as school opened this morning to discuss the importance of registering to vote!!  Thanks to the team leaders and other volunteers!

Voter Projection LAT: A newly-formed NC Voter Protection League Action Team has been established to pay special attention to laws, policies, practices, and technologies that threaten the voters’ ability to vote, the security of our elections, or the public’s confidence in in the voting process. The team members will carefully monitor new laws or policies that might be proposed for the 2108 election and create communications to inform voters and stop further restrictions.  Craig Merrill is heading this effort.  Another effective use of our LWVNC dues!

Civics 101 The last session of the Civics 101-Spring 2018 Course will be April 16th at the Moore County Court House in Carthage. The session begins at 8:30 a.m., with Superior Court Judge James Webb, District Court Judge Steve Bibey, and Clerk of Courts, Susan Hicks.  Lunch and evaluation feedback will follow.  With appreciation to Kathy Bergquist for organizing!

Lunch with Legends: We are still celebrating Lunch with Legends success – thanks again to all – including Legends who procured and paid for their costumes and those who paid for tickets for Scholarship students and their counselors.  Perhaps you saw the photos in the April 1st Pilot.  We have already reserved the Pinehurst Country Club for March 12, 2019.

Hats off to Charlotte Gallagher who visited the Aberdeen schools in her Legends costume as Revolutionary War soldier Deborah Sampson.   Students were so interested that Charlotte bought and donated books on Deborah Sampson for each school.  Planting civic seeds for the future!

Hope to see you at the Luncheon Meeting next Tuesday!!

Happy Earth Day month,



February 2018  e-Blast

Hello to League members!  A lot to share this February . . .

 Luncheon Meeting – Tuesday, February 20 – 11:30am – Little River Resort

An exciting program is planned: Speaker will be John Nagy, editor of The Pilot newspaper, who will discuss “The Role of the Press Today.”   (For the third year in a row, The Pilot has been named the best community newspaper in the country by the National Newspaper Association!)  Lunch cost is $13.  Please email Charlotte Gallagher to make reservationscharlotteagallagher@gmail.com  As always, you are encouraged to bring guests!!   This would be a topic of keen interest to many!

Lunch with Legends – March 13 – is already sold out, even with the addition of two more tables.  And ad sales have again broken previous records.  A wonderful affirmation of the League and all your work!!   Mindy Fineman has designed special centerpieces on each of our past Legends.  It will be a fitting celebration of 10 years of Lunch with Legends. Nancy Cunningham has a wait list in case of cancellations, if you still want a ticket  nancycunningham65@gmail.com

It is not too late to make an Angel Donation of $25 or more (perhaps in memory or honor of someone) towards the Civic Leader Scholarships and be listed on the Angel Donors page in the Lunch with Legends program. You could bring a check to the February meeting or mail it to Doe Ann Litton, Treasurer, 20C Pinehurst Manor Pinehurst, NC 28374 by February 20. 

 Spring Voter Registration planning is well under way, with the $500 grant we received from the LWVUS.  This coming Tuesday, February 13, will be a training and planning meeting of the League voter registration volunteers at the Board of Elections with Glenda Clendenin at 9:30 am.  We have a great group of volunteers; please let me know if you would like to join the group!  peggycrawford@nc.rr.com   Our goal is to complete this voter registration drive by April 12, in time for students to be registered in order to vote in the May 8 Primary.

 Civics 101 began last Tuesday with a visit to the Moore County Commissioners who welcomed the 24 participants, educated us about the roles of the Commissioners, and let us see the Commissioners in action during a regular meeting.   Next session will be Monday, March 5, 3 pm at the Board of Education with the focus on Moore County Schools.

Ruth Pauley lecture:  Over 400 people attended the Feb. 8 lecture by Heather McGhee (President of Demos) and Garry Civitello. The audience, willing to listen to an uncomfortable topic: Facing Prejudice Honestly, left with new hope and inspiration and insights.  If you were not able to attend, I encourage you to visit this link from the Starbuck’s Upstanders series about the unlikely bond between Heather and Garry, and a meaningful message to us all: https://starbuckschannel.com/episode-06-a-racists-rehabilitation/

Workshop for working women: AAUW is putting on a free Work Smart workshop March 14 from 4-6 PM in Clement Dining Room of SCC to help women negotiate salary increases and navigate the world of work. Dr. Tarshima Hackett, AAUW, is heading this effort; League member; Tina Ganis (who is AAUW President) has info: chrisganis@mac.comOver a career of 47 years, women’s total earnings loss compared with men is $700,000 for a high school graduate, $1.2 million for a college graduate, and $2 million for a professional school graduate.  Another reason to promote the ERA!

Dream Act: Many young people in Moore County are Dreamers – brought to the US as young children by non-documented parents.  The League of Women Voters strongly supports passage of the Dream Act, giving these young people protection from deportation and a path to citizenship.   The Dream Act has broad bipartisan support and sponsorship in Congress. Here’s a link if you wish to add your voice to this effort: Tell Congress to pass the Dream Act!

Environmental Concerns for NC – offshore oil drilling:  The Trump Administration has announced plans to allow drilling along coasts of the United States (except Florida), if not modified after the public comment period. There is still time, but not much, to submit comments opposing the proposed policy shift. All concerned members are urged to do so. The LWVUS Climate Change Task Force has developed some background and message points to consider when commenting. Public comment is being received through the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) website until 11:59 Eastern on March 9th.

Fair Districting: We are still awaiting decisions from the US Supreme Court about redistricting that will affect NC.  While racial gerrymandering is illegal, the issue is whether partisan gerrymandering (now aided by technology) has become so partisan as to violate the First Amendment right of voters in the gerrymandered districts or their fourteenth amendment rights to equal protection of the laws. This is not a partisan issue. Before the Court are both a Wisconsin case involving Republican partisan gerrymandering of state legislative districts and a Maryland case involving Democratic partisan gerrymandering of a federal House district.

Hope to see you at the meeting on February 20th





November   e-Blast


Hello League members!

 It’s municipal election time!  Grassroots decisions often affect us the most, and yet in the 2015 election only 21% of the registered voters in the municipalities of Moore County voted. In Pinebluff, one candidate won by 10 votes, in Aberdeen by 20, and in Robbins by 13 votes.  Every vote counts!!  This year there are more contested positions – a positive for voters.  So if there is a municipal election in your locale, please vote and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote on November 7.

For voter information: https://www.moorecountync.gov/board-of-elections

Our gratitude goes out to all the candidates – fellow citizens who are willing to serve us as elected leaders and spend their personal time, energy, and financial resources for the oppo

November 14 League Luncheon Meeting: Please note that this is the 2nd Tuesday, since the 3rd Tuesday falls on Thanksgiving week this year. 

November 14 at 11:30am   Bring-A-Friend meeting!

Little River Golf Resort

Speaker: Catherine Graham, Chair, Moore County Board of Commissioners

“Recent Accomplishments and Future Goals / Challenges — Moore County Commissioners”

Lunch – $13 – please email reservations to Charlotte Gallagher: charlotteagallagher@gmail.com

Also on the agenda:

Environmental Action Team report – Pat Pinkerton

ERA initiative – Doe Ann Litton

Announcement of 2017 Civic Leader Scholarship winners – Joan Matula and Scholarship Committee members

Civics 101 Preview – Kathy Bergquist


League mugs and note cards will be for sale – good Holiday gifts!!

Ratify ERA League initiative launched in Moore County

 Headed by Doe Ann Litton, 11 League members met at the Table on the Green last week to discuss what could be done to push for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment    by the NC legislature and why this should be done. Although Congress overwhelmingly passed the ERA in 1972, and 35 states ratified it within several years, it needs ratification by 38 states to become part of the Constitution.  Nevada recently voted for ratification; NC and VA are the two states targeted nationally for a push for ratification. It is a complex process, since so much time has elapsed, but ratification by two more states will be the next important step.  Charlotte Gallagher and Dot Greenwood reported on a weekend meeting they attended recently in Asheville of a coalition of organizations united to push for ratification of the ERA in NC.  Jay Emery is hosting a viewing of the movie Equal 

      Means Equal for committee members.

Text of the ERA:

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.


RUTH PAULEY Lecture:  Joel Achenbach

November 9, 2017 • 7:30 p.m.

Owens Auditorium, Sandhills Community College

Surviving the Age of Fake News, Pseudoscience, Bunk and Nonsense

Achenbach has been a staff writer for The Washington Post since 1990 — for the last 10 years at the national desk, focusing on science and politics. He writes the longest-running blog of any major newspaper in the U.S. He has been a monthly science columnist for National Geographic magazine for which he has written seminal cover stories about the “War on Science.”  Achenback is also a commentator for National Public Radio and the author of six books. He has taught journalism at Georgetown University as well as at his alma mater, Princeton.

 The LWVMC is responsible for the reception following the lecture.  Thanks to members who signed up to bring goodies!!   Let’s have a GOOD League turn-out for the lecture.  Wear your League buttons!


Hope to see you at the November 14th meeting – with a guest – the best way to grow our League!





October  e-Blast

e are still celebrating the success of Voter Advocacy activities of the LWV of Moore County – with thanks to the MANY of you who volunteered your time and energy and expertise.

  • Twenty-two League members at 6 different venues registered 92 new voters and helped numerous others with information – and enthusiasm – about voting!
  • The Candidates’ Forum for School Board members and  Soil and Water Director had twice as many attend as typical for a School Board Forum – and it was  executed with Carolyn Mealing’s grace and poise and experience, with the help of 10+ League volunteers. The video-taping by Jim Heim should be on the LWVMC website soon.
  • The Voters’ Guide is now complete and ready for publication by The Pilot in the October 16 Sunday paper.  It is in full color, with helpful sample ballots, early voting information, and candidates’ responses to our questions from every local race on our ballot  —  and even responses from candidates for US Senate and Governor!  Carolyn Mealing and her committee did a fabulous job. You will be proud!

 Civic Leader Scholarship update:  The Scholarship Committee met this week to review the 11 excellent applications for 2016 and selected 4 Finalists for interviews: one from Pinecrest HS, one from North Moore and two from Union Pines.  The Board voted to dedicate the 2016 Civic Leader Scholarship to John Reagan and Kay Hodge, long-time active members of the League who passed away recently.  If you would like to make a contribution to the scholarship in their memories, you can bring a check to the October meeting or mail it to Doe Ann Litton  20C Pinehurst Manor  Pinehurst, NC  28374.  John’s wife Janice and Kay’s daughter Judy will be notified of your gift (not the amount).

On Saturday, October 15, the state League is sponsoring a workshop on Advocating for Our Issues in Greensboro.  There will be presentations on five issues of concern: Education, Environment, Medicaid Expansion, NC Budget/Taxes, and Redistricting, followed by sessions about how to approach our legislators on these issues.  Please let Jo Nicholas know if you are interested in attending (myrlejo@gmail.com).  This is an excellent opportunity provided by our state League.

This Tuesday night – Oct. 11 – syndicated columnist and renowned political analyst Mark Shields will present the Ruth Pauley lecture on “The Challenge of Governing in a Polarized World.”  His talk begins at 7:30 in Owens Auditorium and should be of special interest to League members.  Reception follows the lecture with a chance to meet Shields.

And last, but certainly not least, is our monthly League Luncheon meeting on Tuesday, October 18 at 11:30 at Table on the Green.  In addition to a Get Out the Vote push, the program will focus on Women’s Reproductive Rights, organized by our local League’s study group on that topic.   Our speaker is Janet Colm, founder and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina, a women’s health organization that served 10,000 clients a year with an annual budget of $5 million when she retired in 2015.  Janet has a B.A. in anthropology from Duke University and an M.S. in public health from UNC- Chapel Hill.  She will be joined by Tara Romano, president of NC Women United and executive director of NARAL Pro-choice NC.   Tara holds a Masters of Public Health degree as well as an MS in Extension Education.  We are fortunate to have two dynamic and knowledgeable women to share this important topic.  Please let Charlotte Gallagher know that you are coming: charlotteagallagher@gmail.com.  Guests are welcome, too!!

Hope to see you on October 18!

Peggy Crawford

President, League of Women Voters of Moore County

PS  If you have not yet paid your $50 dues for this year, they will be gladly accepted on Tuesday!





Happy Summer to League Members!

The LWVMC’s annual Board and Member Planning Retreat is coming!

Little River Resort and Country Club

Tuesday, August 29th

9:15 am – 1:00 pm

Cost $20 per person includes a continental breakfast with fruit, and also lunch


Enjoy fun interactions to get to know other members.

Hear about exciting plans for luncheon speakers for the coming year.

Get updates on Membership, Candidates Forums, and Civic Leader Scholarships.

Help to plan major initiatives for the coming year. *

Give suggestions/input about how we can better serve members and accomplish goals.


*Planning – chose one in which to participate for planning:

  • Civics 101 – Kathy Bergquist, facilitator

A mini-course on local government for members and the community

  • 10th Annual Lunch with Legends – Mary Price, facilitator

Bringing back former Legends to celebrate 10 years of LWL

  • Voter Registration – Peggy Crawford, facilitator

Creating and training Voter Registration Leadership Teams at local high schools and SCC


If you have interest in Civics 101, Lunch with Legends, and/or working with local high school/college students on Leadership and Voter Registration, this is a chance to significantly help with in-depth planning and to contribute your ideas.


All LWVMC members are welcome!   For reservations, please email Hospitality Chair Charlotte Gallagher at charlotteagallagher@gmail.com

I hope to see you on August 29!7